Device MONitor (

Monitor devices for health and for continued ability to check-in to our global cloud service. If a device goes down (stops checking-in), get an alert within minutes and optionally configure other actions.

Home security

Let's say you have security cameras. It is important not just to know when there is motion (which they might provide), but also when the camera is offline unexpectedly. uses a check-in methodology. If a device misses a check-in (as might be the case in a failed device, or if internet connectivity is lost), the global service continues to operate and trigger alerts to let you know there is something to look into.

Remote locations with NO software to install

Maybe you want to get an alert if an important device at a family member's house is suddently unable to reach the internet. We tell you when a device is not available by alerting you when we haven't heard from it in the last couple of minutes.

There is no software to install. This service never has the ability to control or even reach devices in your home. This relies completely on the device making a simple web post on regular intervals so we can make sure it is ok.

Get drive health and get notified of pending failure

Windows has a built in utility to check on drive health and report on potential pending failure. Send this data to and let us alert you when Windows reports problems.

On Linux/BSD systems, use smartctl to send this data to, and trigger alerts when certain SMART thresholds are reached.

To give this a try, can sign up for free and get your own API keys and check-in URL. You can also read about the instructions here.

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